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    Legal Requirements for Automobile Insurance in Texas

    In the United States, it is mandatory in most states to have automobile insurance first prior to driving or operating a car. The same is true in the state of Texas. There are corresponding punishments for not having automobile insurance or having those that lack the necessary coverage required by your state’s law. Read below how to find cheapest auto insurance in Texas. Although a liability coverage policy is enough for most states, some might require even more than that, such as:

    An Overview on Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage in Texas

    The Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage, also known as UM/UIM, is the type that provides coverage for a driver who gets into a car accident with someone who does not have any insurance, or probably has one that is insufficient in paying for any damage costs. This way, you won’t have to shoulder repairs on your car. In Texas, however, this type of coverage is not a requirement.

    Facts About No Fault Auto Insurance and PIP in Texas

    There are certain states that practice no-fault laws, wherein no one is blamed in case of a car crash. This means that no one will be held responsible for any damage caused to either parties. In this particular state, however, this type of law is non-existent, therefore, having the corresponding policy added to your vehicle insurance is not a requirement. Personal Injury Protection or PIP, on the other hand, is a policy often linked to no-fault coverage which would pay out for medical expenses or damages in case of a no-fault accident. Since this law is not practiced in Texas, PIP is not a mandatory addition to your automobile insurance.

    Understanding the Hands-Free Laws in Texas

    While mobile phones are technological innovations that have made people’s lives easier and more convenient, it is highly discouraged to use them while driving. Texting or calling could become a cause for car accidents as it requires the driver’s attention and forces them to drive with only one hand. This state, like most others, have implemented laws on preventing drivers from getting into accidents caused by such technology. The specific hands-free laws in Texas are:

    Hand-held Ban applied to drivers within or near school crossing zones
    Young Drivers All Cellphone Ban drivers below 18 years of age
    Bus Drivers All Cellphone Ban bus drivers whenever a passenger 17 years old and younger is present
    Texting Ban bus drivers whenever a passenger 17 years old and younger is present; drivers below 18 years of age; applied to drivers within or near school crossing zones
    Enforcement primary

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