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    Texas Car Insurance — Teen Drivers, DUIs, and SR-22

    The driving habits or situation of some drivers give them the label of “high-risk” motorists by insurance providers. These people face special difficulties in finding affordable insurance. Teenage drivers and motorists convicted of a DUI are most likely to be required to have an SR-22. Some drivers found to be driving without necessary insurance also file SR-22s. The need to file an SR-22 does not mean that you can’t find affordable car insurance in Texas. If you are classified as high-risk, keep reading the information below. Find Texas auto insurance quotes here.

    Teenage Drivers and TX Car Insurance

    There is a growing push to have all states adopt Graduated Driver Licensing Laws (GDL) dealing with teen drivers. The goal is to have teen drivers acquire driving experience and maturity before they drive full time and unsupervised. Texas’s GDL laws affecting teenagers are as follows:

    GDL Law Requirements for the State of Texas

    Learner’s permit 16 Years
    Full licensure 16 years and six month
    Mandatory Learner’s Permit Hold 6 months
    Supervised Practice Driving none
    Unsupervised Nighttime Driving Ban none
    Passenger Restrictions none
    Cell Phone Use Prohibited (with the exception of emergencies)
    Texting Prohibited

    Insurance for DUI in Texas

    DUI offenses are taken seriously in Texas. Penalties include: from 72 hours up to a total of 180 total days in prison (the latter if minor under 15 is in vehicle); license suspension for 90 days up to one year; fines of up to $2,000 ($10,000 if minor under 15 is in vehicle); annual surcharge for DUI for three years or up to $2,000 when BAC is or exceeds 0.16)

    SR-22 insurance in Texas

    Of course, only drivers in high risk categories or convicted of specific driving violations are required to file an SR-22. When convicted of various driving offenses, such as DUI, causing an accident or driving without insurance, you will often have your license suspended. To have your license reinstated, it will normally be necessary to acquire an SR-22 and present it to the DMV. The state of Texas, does requires an SR-22 filing before a suspended license will be reissued to a driver convicted of these violations. Additionally, judges can require that drivers obtain an SR-22 at their discretion.

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